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norma-skeete-300x400I am originally from Jamaica, having moved to the United States in 1980 and worked in the fields of accounting and financial services.  I had the good fortune of being introduced to real estate investing and financial services almost simultaneously.  I, however, did not become active in real estate until 2011 when I became a realtor (and still am) and also a member of a real estate investment group.

The tables have been turned and now my primary focus is wealth acquisition by means of real estate.


I absolutely love helping people and never miss an opportunity to point others towards important resources necessary to attain financial goals, be it real estate or otherwise.

I strongly believe that anyone can reach their goals with the right knowledge.


My company – Skeete Investor Properties LLC – is geared towards being the premier place for the sale and acquisition of below market properties in the Washington DC Metro area.  My company is also geared towards education about investing – what it means – different vehicles – the need for diversification (never put all your eggs in one basket) – the need for protection by way of insurance – the need for an emergency fund – the need to create wealth!


In addition to being passionate about my career, I love traveling and also have a deep interest in theatre.  I even dabbled in some amateur theatre in my home country of Jamaica.


I reside in Arlington, Virginia across the border from Washington DC where I spent almost twenty years.

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